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SCSI drive goes Offline : event ID 1070

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SCSI drive goes Offline : event ID 1070


I have a ML350 with 2 SCSI HD CPQ model BD0366349C mirrored. For an unknown reason, two nights ago, the event viewer (system logs)in Windows 2000 srv started given me errors (Sorage Agents source - event ID 1070). It gives me a first message saying that the HD has changed status from OK to Offline. Only 2 minutes after, it returns back to an OK status. This error is logged just after midnight (with no users connected) and half an hour after the backup begins (I've checked w/ Veritas BackupExec support - nothing associated for now). Only one drive gave me the error.

Now last night, same error , approximately the same time, but now the 2 mirrored HD are giving me the error messages.

Anyone have a clue ? Ever seen this before ?

There's nothing in Insight. Status OK everywhere. very hard to tell if it's hardware related or not.

Thanks in advance


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Jerri McCoy
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Re: SCSI drive goes Offline : event ID 1070

I am getting the same exact message on a ML370 with mirrored drives, but it is still running NT4. Were you ever able to identify the problem?