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Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor


I have a Prosignia 300 server, on which I have installed Debian Linux. Everything went smooth, until I tried to upgrade the kernel into 2.4.2
My NIC is working perfectly with the built-in pcnet32 module, but the SCSI-controller isn't supported properly. By the command "lspci", I get the answer:

00:0c .0 SCSI storage controller: Symbios Logic Inc. (formerly NCR) 53c810 (rev. 02)

I have tried two out of three modules:
NCR53c7,8xx <- tried
NCR53C8xx <- tried
SYM53C8xx <-untried because it claims: not for rev < 16

Is there any kernel-patches that apply to kernel 2.4.2 that would help me solve my problem, or is there any other module I might try?

Sincerely, Kjetil S?rlund