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SDLT 160/320 work in a Proliant 5500

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SDLT 160/320 work in a Proliant 5500


Will a SDLT 160/320 Internal Tape fit / work in a Proliant 5500.

Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: SDLT 160/320 work in a Proliant 5500


the compatibility of the same server is for following driver
Internal Tape Drives Note: In order to install certain tape drives internally, you may need to remove the rails that come standard on the drives and then re-insert the screws in the mounting holes.
Internal 20/40-GB DAT DDS-4 Tape Drive 157769-B21

Internal 12/24-GB DAT Drive (Opal) 295513-B22

Internal 12/24-GB DAT Drive (Opal) (Japan) 295513-292

Internal 4/8-GB DAT Drive (Opal) 295353-B22

Internal 4/8-GB DAT Drive (Opal) (Japan) 295353-292

Internal 40/80-GB DLT Drive 146196-B21

Internal 35/70-GB DLT Drive 242520-B21

Internal 35/70-GB DLT Drive (Japan) 242520-291

Internal 20/40-GB DLT Drive (Opal) 340743-B22

Internal 20/40-GB DLT Drive (Opal) (Japan) 340743-292

Internal AIT 50-GB Tape Drive 157766-B21

Internal AIT 35-GB Tape Drive 388504-B21

20/40-GB DAT 8 Cassette Autoloader - Internal 166504-B21

4-GB DDS-2 DAT Cassette 137611-001

DDS-4 Media (10 pack) 152842-001

20/40-GB DAT 8 Cassette Magazine w/Media 171532-B21

12-GB DDS-3 DAT Cassette (10 pack) 295515-B21

DAT Cleaning Cassette 242781-001

AIT 50-GB Data Cassette (5 pack) 152841-001

AIT 35-GB Data Cassette (5 pack) 402371-B21

AIT Cleaning Cassette 402374-B21

DLT IV Data Cartridges (7 pack) 295192-B21

DLT Cleaning Cartridge 199704-B21

Note: Please see the Compaq 20/40-GB DAT Drive, Compaq 12/24-GB DAT Drive, Compaq 4/8-GB DAT Drive, Compaq 40/80-GB DLT Drive, Compaq 35/70-GB DLT Drive, Compaq 20/40-GB DLT Drive, Compaq AIT 50-GB Tape Drive, Compaq AIT 35-GB Tape Drive, or the Compaq 20/40-GB DAT DDS-4 8 Cassette Autoloader for an up-to-date listing of the latest O/S

where as details are avable at following link.


Do check this link also,.

Prashant S.
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