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SE326M1R2 ("Mach1") ILO reset

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SE326M1R2 ("Mach1") ILO reset

Hi.  I work for the NetBSD Foundation.  We maintain the NetBSD open-source operating system.

We have a donated Proliant server which I believe likely began its life as an Azure storage node.  It's a "SE326M1R2", product ID 530655-B21.  Unlike a standard DL180 of this generation it appears to have real HP ILO.

Unfortunately, at startup time, it prints out:

Integrated Lights-Out 2 is disabled.  Use the Security Override Switch and the ILO 2 F8 ROM-Based Setup Utility to enable Lights-Out functionality.

This server does not have a Security Override Switch in the same motherboard location as a normal DL180 (in fact, we have another of these "SE326" systems which does seem to have a standard DL180 motherboard, but the system I'm talking about here does not).  I can't seem to find any manual for this hardware confguration -- unsurprising as I know these were semi-custom "cloud" servers.

This motherboard has a block of jumpers marked "SYS ID" where a normal DL180G6 would have the security jumper.  The motherboard part number is 691747-001.

I have done exhaustive search of all the jumpers that look like they _might_ be the security override jumper but in no position am I prompted to enter the ILO RBSU nor does F8 do anything.  I pulled the P410 storage controller, since it also uses F8 for its ROM ACU, but that didn't help.

NetBSD has had a long and productive relationship with HP and its corporate predecessors but I don't have any current contact at HPE who seems likely to know the answer to this.  I'm hoping someone reading this can help me find the security switch or otherwise reset/enable the ILO on this server; it is likely we may receive other donations of this type of hardware and we would really like to be able to put them to good use.



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Re: SE326M1R2 ("Mach1") ILO reset



Maybe you can help me!?

I seem to have the same mainboard with the jumper block.

I've not yet found the precise jumper, it says to be the (J27-A) for clearing CMOS.

I can find J27 on the board, but what is meant by J27-A ?


Have you found any description?


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Re: SE326M1R2 ("Mach1") ILO reset

have the SE326M1 G6 ProLiant