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I am trying to do a comparison between the systems listed below;

1. two HP RP5470 servers with the following config;
4 X 750 MHz CPUs, 8GB RAM, 4 X 36GB 15K rpm LVD , connected to a Storage server 7110 with 15 X 73GB FC HDD.

2. two HP Proliant ML 570-G2 servers with the following config;
4 X Xeon 2GHz CPUs, 8GB RAM, 4 X 73 15K HDD, connected to MSA 1000 storage unit with 14 X 73GB HDD.

the two above solutions to be clustered servers ; However need to know which will give better performance for using HPUX 11i and Oracle 10G.
Are there any direct comparison, that I can check as a result, ie, a chart, table,...
Lastly, What Application server is recommended to be used in conjungtion of my above solution?

David in Tennessee
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You have asked about a VERY specific configuration where benchmark data may not exist. The best source for reliable benchmark data is http:\
which is the website for the Transaction Processing Performance Council. You may be able to find performance data for similar models. We typically use the configurations in the benchmarks to write generic specifications for new systems rather than pick a system and then try to find its performance ratings. If you are both price and performance conscious there are categories for this criteria also. David.