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SFF Drive Cage installation

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Re: SFF Drive Cage installation

I romoved all and started from new:
power to the cage from the other connector
Chan A -> 8C, shortest cable
Chan B -> 9C, shortest cable
Shelf 0, Bay 1-4 -> 2C
Shelf 0, Bay 5-8 -> 3C
Shelf 1, Bay 1-4 -> 4C
Shelf 1, Bay 5-8 -> 5C

no change in the behavior.

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Re: SFF Drive Cage installation

You might have a bad cage after all. Do a visual inspection of the back (cable) and inside (disks) connectors to see if there is anything that might indicate a bad connector, any problem with the contacts (bent, missing, shorted) and call HP to maybe replace the cage.