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SL250s 3x nVidia Grid K2

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SL250s 3x nVidia Grid K2



Have a number of SL250s running with 2x nVidia Grid K2 cards.


Attempted to add a 3rd card to one today which I believe is supported however when booting it still only shows K2's in PCI slots 1 & 2


As far as I can tell Slot 3 is the front slot which was already populated when we added the 3rd card. (other sl250's show K2's in slot 2 & 3).


Can anyone suggest why all 3 cards are not appearing?


I am checking the PCI devices in the RBSU to confirm what cards are installed.



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Re: SL250s 3x nVidia Grid K2

For 3 cards you have to use at least 3 x the 1500 Watt Power Supplies, while for 2 cards you can also use the 1200 Watt power supplies.
Maybe that is the issue?

Also check that dip switch number 9 is on.

Please let me know if this helped. :)
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