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SMART 5i, SMART Array Cluster Storage and 1775 error

Ian Cowley
Occasional Visitor

SMART 5i, SMART Array Cluster Storage and 1775 error

Anyone any ideas on this one.

We have a DL380 G2 packaged cluster which worked fine for MS Clustering, using the SMART Array Cluster Storage.

We then moved the internal server drives into the external storage, rebooted the servers and configured RSO using the ORCA utility.

Now the SMART 5i wont see the external storage on boot-up. All we get is the "1775 Proliant Storage System not responding message".

We've flashed the SMART 5i ROM and server ROM to the latest version, erased both servers, removed all array configs, etc but still nothing.

One of the servers has a standard (non RAID) SCSI controller in it which, although it wont work with RSO, does see the SACS on boot-up so it cant be the storage unit. Also the SMART 5i sees internal disks OK and so isn't faulty.

We've swapped cable, tried both servers, pretty much everything....

Any ideas any one???