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SMART controller non-embedded slot drive

Occasional Contributor

SMART controller non-embedded slot drive

I have a an old DL580 server and when my
coworker pulled the hot swap drive cage he
lost the cable that carries indicator light
information to the drive cage (not the power
or the SCSI cable). This cable connects the
backplane to the motherboard.

Though the SMART controller (through the Array Diagnostic utility) detects a
SCSI drive if I directly attach it to SCSI port 1 with a cable, I can't use the ACU
utility to configure an array. Since the
cable is missing, the ACU says "No Physical Drives."

I'm using a new drive that hasn't
been used in an array so when I boot I get
the "Any non-array data on these drives will
be lost unless they are removed...".

For the moment, I would rather skip trying
to find a new drive cage backplane cable and
just convince the controller to accept
the drive presented as a usable drive. Isn't
there a jumper setting somewhere that will
make the controller forget about the
Occasional Contributor

Re: SMART controller non-embedded slot drive

Reseated backplane and this let the lights come on in the drive bay. No cable necessary, my mistake.