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SNMP HW problems with HProliantDL360G4 using hpasm

Avi Philosoph
Occasional Visitor

SNMP HW problems with HProliantDL360G4 using hpasm


I have several HP ProLiant servers (DL360G4 and DL380G4). The servers are running Linux RedHat Advance Servers 3 update4. Also I installed the following agents: hpsmh (2.1.5-146), net-snmp-cmaX-5.1.2-220, hpasm (7.5.1-8) and cmanic (7.5.0-6).

I perform HW SNMP monitoring tests on the servers and I experience some problems:

1. I’m trying to send traps to UDP port number 13163 (instead of 162). There are some traps that receive at that port but the important ones that have the OID of (Compaq) are still sending to port 162.
My snmpd.conf looks like that:

rwcommunity private
trapcommunity public
trapsink public 13163
trap2sink public 13163

2. Each server has 4 NIC installed with 2 IP’s (bond0 and bond1). The source IP the SNMP packet claim in “agent-addr” field is the wrong IP. Traffic snoop with ETHEREAL shows that the source IP is the correct one. Why is that?

3. Two tests “CPU utilization” and “File System space use” are producing the minor and major traps but does not have any clearance traps when the status is back to normal. Why?

Thanks in advance,