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(SNMP) LogicalDisk BusyTime Degraded (19007) ?

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(SNMP) LogicalDisk BusyTime Degraded (19007) ?

Hi All,

Does anyone here know what does this means ?

why I always receive it everyday when the server is running fine.


Here's the email contains:

The Trap Flags. This is a collection of flags used during trap delivery. Each bit has the following meaning: Bit 5-31: RESERVED: Always 0. Bit 2-4: Trap Condition 0= Not used (for backward compatibility) 1= Condition unknown or N/A 2= Condition ok 3= Condition degraded 4= Condition failed 5-7= reserved Bit 1: Client IP address type 0= static entry 1= DHCP entry Bit 0: Agent Type 0= Server 1= Client NOTE: bit 31 is the most significant bit, bit 0 is the least significant. 0
The Logical Disk Instance number. 1
The Logical Disk Instance Name. C:
%Disk Time is the percentage of elapsed time that the selected disk drive is busy servicing read or write requests. 94

Mib Information
The associated MIB File Name for this trap is cpqwinos.mib and the MIB identifier CPQOS-MIB
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: (SNMP) LogicalDisk BusyTime Degraded (19007) ?

This is a performance warning, telling you that the disk is spending too much time in a busy state while reading writing. Check to see if the array has mismatched disks (a 7200RPM drive could be slowing down an array made up of 10K or 15K drives), consider adding a write cache module to your controller, upgrading the drives or changing from a RAID 5 array (if it is one) to RAID 1+0.