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SNMP OIDs not available

Michael Curtis
Occasional Advisor

SNMP OIDs not available


The issue we are facing is that the HP Servers (DL380 and DL320) do not seem to have the OID values present for some of the sensors, most importantly, the sensors for gauging the Temperature readings and fan speeds.

OIDS that we need to monitor are listed here:

Fan Speed - I feel fan speed is a better indication of a problem than temp. The fans will get fast, but the temperature will stay the same.

PSU Failure, running off one psu rather than 2

Network Failure, dual attach as fallen over and is running off one port.

When browsing the OID values on the servers, many values are returned but it seems that some of the critical ones (as mentioned above) are not available.

Is there a configuration change required to enable OIDs to be read or is it a case that this particular hardware does not support these OID values.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.