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SNMP array monitoring for DL380G5

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SNMP array monitoring for DL380G5

hi all,

i'm currently setting up a 3rd party monitoring application that supports SNMP, among other things. after installing psp8.0, i was able to use SNMP to monitor server enviromentals, such as temperature (and all the other things that hpasmcli displays). i'm able to use hpacucli and hpadu from command line to check on array and disk status, but can't seem to find OID's (if they exist) to use for SNMP monitoring. does anyone have any suggestions for where to look? or can it not be done?

thanks in advance,
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Re: SNMP array monitoring for DL380G5


not sure how you can find these without HP SIM. Check :

"The SNMP MIB is available with HP Systems Insight Manager . This SNMP MIB will not be available as a separate download to compile with any other SNMP manager. To use this SNMP MIB, HP Systems Insight Manager must be installed on the computer"

This is taken from another advisory....