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SNMP (not SNMP Trap) not showing correct status.

Jason McDonough
Occasional Visitor

SNMP (not SNMP Trap) not showing correct status.


I am not SNMP expert but know that I need help on SNMP querying and that is not SNMP Traps.
I am querying the H/W status on a DL360 and the log returned from a test shows the status returned from the queried OID.
I have a problem with both the Windows and VMWARE environment.
On the Windows 2003 server with SNMP and HP Managment tools installed I can query the OID's for the H/W and everything is fine. If I pull a drive there is no change to the status of OID to indicate either a dive or raid failure/change.
On the VMWARE server with VMWARE HP Managment tools installed, if i pull a drive it updates the status to say there was a drive or raid failure but when i put the drive back in and the raid rebuilds, SNMP does not update to say there is no longer a failure. It is not just the raid, if i pull the NIC cable on the ILO it also will not correct when the cable is put back in.

I would appreciate any help on this one.