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SNMP question

Craig Gibson
Occasional Visitor

SNMP question

Hi all

I have some DL380G5's as well as a few enclosures full of C-Class Blades with a similar issue which seems to indicate I am doing something stupid.

All run Linux - mostly RHEL5. I installed the complete PSP successfully. snmpd.conf has my management station (Zenoss)defined as a trap receiver. Using the Management Homepage I am able to sent a test trap successfully. I also get other (non HP)traps from the hosts. HP specific traps (like a failed disk) however, never get sent. For example, I pull out one of the power feeds to a DL and get a notification in /var/log/messages - but no snmp trap?

Am I missing something? Maybe the question I am really asking is how do the management agents work through the native net-snmp daemon, so that I can trace this path.