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SNMP returning degraded disk controller degraded

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SNMP returning degraded disk controller degraded

We use PRTG to monitor the health of a number of ProLiant Servers via SNMP.

One is an ML350 G6 running Server 2008 R2.  Before Christmas, PRTG started to warn that the disk controller on this server was degraded, which normally means a disk in the RAID has dropped.

The server has two SmartArray controllers, a P410i (4 x HDs) and a P212 (Ultrium drive only).

HP SSA reports no errors on the P410i but does show an orange warning for the P212.  The warning is that no configurable physical drives are attached.  Correct!

However, SNMP monitoring reports disk controller degraded - why?

Walking SNMP OIDs on the server returns:

. (System health) - 2 (Drive array health) - 3 (degraded)

The server has been in use August 2011 wtih this SA configuration but the degraded array only pop-up in December.  Have upgraded almost everything (drivers, firmware etc) I can find bar the system ROM.

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Re: SNMP returning degraded disk controller degraded

For anyone ending up here, perhaps via Google, the fix is...

Clean the tape drive!  It didn't occur to us until yesterday (doh!) that the error might be the Ultrium drive needs cleaning.  One quick run of a cleaning tape through this morning and the SNMP status is now back to 2, so PRTG reports the server at full health.