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[SOLVED] DL380p G8: Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Failed restart


[SOLVED] DL380p G8: Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Failed restart



I have a ProLiant DL380p G8 with vSphere 5.5 installaed on a SD-card that's on the motherboard. When I log in to iLO I get this error message all over the place: 


Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Failed restart

Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Embedded media manager failed media attach.


And under Overview I get this: "SD-Card Status: Not present"


I really need to reboot the server but if the SD-card is broken I'm kind of screwed if I'm not on site to be able to replace the SD-card.

I read somewhere that this error will go away when I reboot the server but I'm not really willing to try if it could make my day a living hell.

So does this mean that the SD-card is broken or can I restart the server with no problem?

Or is there someway I can make sure that the SD-card is infact Not borken.

If I could turn on SSH on the host I could try but there is a bug of some sort that makes that impossible and I need to upgrade the firmware/software.





Re: DL380p G8: Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Failed restart

We just had a power outage last night and the server booted up just fine. So I guess it wasn't something to worry about.