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[SOLVED] How do I configure a ML110 G6 with a Smart Array P212/256MB PCI-E Controller for RAID 5?

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[SOLVED] How do I configure a ML110 G6 with a Smart Array P212/256MB PCI-E Controller for RAID 5?

Hi everyone!  First post here at the HP forums.  Hopefully someone can help me out!


I have an HP ProLiant ML110 G6 small business server here in my office that I'm working on prepping for a client.  This server is going to have 4 hard drives in RAID-5.  3 Active and 1 hot spare.  I have a Smart Array P212/256MB plugged into a PCI-E port on the server, and the 4 SATA hard drives plugged into the motherboard [since I couldn't see a place to plug them in on the actual RAID controller card.


I booted up the server and I can't see a place where I can configure an initial RAID-5 array.  I've been reading the documentation of the card and the documentation says the following:


3. Use the internal wide SAS cable provided with the server to connect the controller to the drives


I don't have this cable.  I contacted the reseller I purchased the server, controller card, and drives from, and he said he'd call HP and find out if the cable was needed.  According to him, HP told him that no, the SAS cable was not needed, and I should only need to plug the 4 SATA drives that I have straight into the motherboard of the ML110 G6.  So that's what I've done, yet configuring the RAID array is still not obvious. 


I also noticed that there was a BIOS setting for the SATA controller to be compatible [default and what it's on now], AHCI [don't need], or RAID [which I'm assuming is if I'm using the onboard RAID and not the P212/256 controller, so I've left the option at compatible].


I have a copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard waiting to be installed and would love any advice I can get from you guys.


Thanks in advance!




Just called another HP representative who said that yes, I did in fact require the internal SAS cable.  The cable just arrived.  Now everything should work, I can see the drives via the configuration menu at boot now.