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[SOLVED] Locating ProLiant ML150 G6 Drivers, Firmware, BIOS Updates etc.

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[SOLVED] Locating ProLiant ML150 G6 Drivers, Firmware, BIOS Updates etc.

UPDATE: Pages are flaky - if its not up now, try again later or tomorrow.


I've been using Windows on this ML150 for years now without issue.  I have 4 drives attached to the 4 black SATA ports, and after installing the Windows drivers here, all drives were usable.  (This confirms the drives & ports are working.)


I just installed CentOS 6.5 and those same 4 drives are not usable in Linux.  The drives show up in `fdisk -l` but when I try to `pvcreate /dev/sdX` it says the devices are in use (perhaps mounted); but they're certainly not.  In fact, during the CentOS 6.5 installation process, the drives weren't even available for partitioning, so I know its not some post-OS installation configuration issue.


My first thought was to adjust the controller configuration in the BIOS from Compatible to AHCI to RAID (and creating 2 logical drives in the RAID configuration utility) but the result is the same.  This led me to the idea that I might need some Linux drivers for the B110i controller just like Windows.


I pulled down some drivers the other day but they didn't help, and today, by searching directly for B110i, I found this page which has given me new hope.  (I haven't tried these drivers yet but I will shortly.)


But I figured, while I'm at it, lets go ahead and get everything else up to date (all drivers, firmware, BIOS etc.).  I've been searching for a while now but cannot seem to find a driver download page for the ML150 G6.  I can find pages for specific hardware like the B110i, but not everything for this server.

  1. If I go to HPSC and search for "ml150 g6", no results are found
  2. I found the ProLiant ML150 G6 Enterprise page, but the Download Drivers & Support Software link doesn't take me anywhere.
  3. On the enterprise site a search for "mL150 G6" and narrowing it down to "support & drivers" yields 250 pages of results, most of which are either for individual components, advisories, hardware upgrades etc..  (I say "most"  because I haven't gone throguh all 250 pages, I got to page 50 and couldn't go to the next page which is odd...)
  4. I went here & drilled down (Servers > ProLiant > ML > 150 G6) and it told me this product wasn't supported in the US.  I bought it new from CompuSource so I'm a little perplexed.  No matter.  I don't care where it came from, I just want drivers.  How can I figure that out where it came from so I can get to the right support site?


Is it just not possible to download drivers/firmware for this machine [anymore]?

Or is my search strategy incorrect?



Any constructive criticism, advice & help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Locating ProLiant ML150 G6 Drivers, Firmware, BIOS Updates etc.

The download pages have problems these days, usually it is all there.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Locating ProLiant ML150 G6 Drivers, Firmware, BIOS Updates etc.

Tried again this evening.  No appreciable progress.


The product you selected, HP ProLiant ML150 G6 Server, is not supported in United States or is not a valid product.
Please visit Support and Troubleshooting for a list of products supported in this country.

If you purchased your product in a country other than United States, please go to Worldwide HP Technical Support to view products for all countries.

 The download link on this page http://h71028.www7.hp.com/enterprise/us/en/servers/proliant-ml150-g6.html is dead: htp://www.hp.com/support/ml150G6

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Re: Locating ProLiant ML150 G6 Drivers, Firmware, BIOS Updates etc.

How can i update BIOS on HP Proliant ML150 G6?

I want to install Intel Xeon E5649 on this motherboard, but it doesnt work...

By your link, bios download say --The download you requested requires an active warranty or HP Care Pack linked to your HP Support Center profile.-- if i have no warranty??? And how long warranty period of that product?
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Re: Locating ProLiant ML150 G6 Drivers, Firmware, BIOS Updates etc.

The page is loading this evening - yay!


Like yourself, I too am getting the same warning on the BIOS update.  I guess you'll have to contact HP directly for details on how you can acquire a license to download the BIOS.