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SP 3.1b on AIX issue

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SP 3.1b on AIX issue


I having a major problem setting up aix 5.1 conecting to a brocade san to an hsv,
the problem is that the failover/failback config. doesnt work as it should.
the cbxfcsm listall command is setup

# Device Online Alternate
hdisk1 scsi2 0,0
hdisk9 scsi2 2,1 scsi2 0,1
hdisk10 scsi2 2,2 scsi2 0,2
hdisk11 scsi2 2,3 scsi2 0,3
hdisk12 scsi2 2,4 scsi2 0,4
hdisk2 scsi2 2,0
hdisk3 scsi3 1,0
hdisk4 scsi3 3,0

You can see that scsi2 is the active and standby path. its should be scsi3 should be the standby path. using cbxfcsm doesn't seem to have any effect at all.

is there any way to force the scsi 3 to be the standby path for all storage to available to scsi2