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SPP 2015.10.0 not working

Occasional Advisor

SPP 2015.10.0 not working

We have recently downloaded the latest SPP for our Prolient servers and it keeps failing in mid-boot from the USB thumb drive.


[     4.100217] i8042:  Can't read CTR while initializing i8042

Fontconfig error:  Cannot load default config file

Warning!!! Unable to mount the file system [cdrom]

Warning!!! Unable to moun the file system


Preboot maintenance mode


/bin/ash:  can't access tty:  job control turned off


I'm able to boot the thumbdrive and get the HP logo on the screen for a while.  But after a minute or so, the error above comes up.


I have tried 2 different Image to USB software (unetbootin and rufus), tried it on 2 different prolient servers, tried redownloading from HP, and reformatted the thumbdrive.  Each attempt fails at the same place. 


Please advise.



Jimmy Vance

Re: SPP 2015.10.0 not working

Try using the HP USB key utility 2.0 that is in the ISO image. It is under /usb/hpusbkey

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Occasional Advisor

Re: SPP 2015.10.0 not working

Wow, had no idea that was in the ISO!  Gave that a shot and all is well!


Thanks a lot!