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SPP 2016.04 ILO and NIC Bugs

Occasional Contributor

SPP 2016.04 ILO and NIC Bugs

Hi, I have installed 2012 R2 Std on a DL380 G6 then mounted and installed the iso for SPP 2016.04.

1) In the ILO config program the IP6 tab is greyed out and so I cannot make any selections.

2) The next issue is if you incorrectly change the ilo dns to x.x.x  instead of x.x.x.x then you get a message telling you have entered an incorrect value and it then produces an exception handle and hangs the ilo program. at which point you cannot use it until you reboot the server.

3) In looking at the onboard network adapter speed setting- there does not appear to be a setting for 1gig speed only up to 100mb+ auto. I know the card is running at 1gig but there is no option to select.