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SPP inventory process hangs on disk rpm

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SPP inventory process hangs on disk rpm

I have a DL360p running Server 2016. I just upgraded from Server 2012 (had to do a fresh install because Server 2016 did not let me preserve my programs and drivers). So I'm trying to get the Server 2016 drivers installed so the OS can take advantage of the 12 Xeon cores, RAID, SAS, etc. 

I'm booting last SPP I was entitled to use from June 6 2018 for that system.

After multiple attempts, It always does exactly the same thing.  The server pack for ProLiant baseline is successfully added and list 799 components. Then when it moves on the inventory of the localhost, it always hangs near 99% on "starting self-inventory for the component firmware-hdd-d64642c780-HPK3-1.1.x86_64.rpm."

Any help greatly appreciated. I would like to get a few more years out of this server.  


Re: SPP inventory process hangs on disk rpm

Hi Lcaruso ,

The latest SPP for Gen 8 servers have the version : Gen8.1 and it has released on 6th Nov 2017.

The same is available in the following link to download ;

The newer versions of SPP doesn't support for Gen8 Servers .

Kindly use the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) Version Gen8.1 for this server .

Note :

The firmware rpm (firmware-hdd-d64642c780-HPK3-1.1.x86_64.rpm) is for the following Hard drive models;

LO0400KEFJQ, LO0800KEFJR, LO1600KEFJT, LO2000KEFJU, LT0800KEXVA, LT1600KEXVB, and LT2000KEXVC Drives

You can download the latest firmware from the below driver download page ;

You need to select the Drive model and then select your Operating Environment Type from the left side .

For Example , your Drive model is LO0400KEFJQ and your OS is Windows 2016 , you will get the following link ;

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