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SPP2017.07.02_1 - failing to install components

Karl B.
Occasional Contributor

SPP2017.07.02_1 - failing to install components

Trying to run the SPP2017.07.02_1 and receiving multiple Component Errors/Warnings for almost every Windows package in the SPP simialr to below.


Component not signed HPE Storage Fibre Channel Adapter Kit for the QLogic Storport Driver for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 Driver Recommended

 Some are missing COMPSIG files, most are not.

About the only thing I see is that the SHA256 digital signature for the EXE is out-of-date.

I did a downlaod of the CP above just today and the SHA256 digital signature is also out-of-date.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.  Can only update to SPP2017.04.0 currently.

Thanks in advance.


Re: SPP2017.07.02_1 - failing to install components

I'm seeing something similar with SPP 2017.10.2 on a DL160 Gen9. There are 27 components with missing signature files, and it appears most cp*.exe do not have their corresponding .compsig file

I also noticed at least one component, the iLO driver, reporting as at baseline even though the server is running 2.53 and 2.55 is included in the SPP. If I manually run the 2.55 installer (CP032488.exe) it indicates that 2.53 is installed but out-of-date, and that 2.55 is supported for installation. I haven't let that install complete as I want to continue troubleshooting why SPP doesn't detect the older version.

Karl B.
Occasional Contributor

Re: SPP2017.07.02_1 - failing to install components

I was able to determine that required the code-signing certificates are not provided with the SPP and need to be added on Windows OS.  This applies to SPP2017.07.2; have not checked SPP2017.10.1 yet.

I did this by enabling automatic root certificate updates in group policy on a server with Internet access.

I could then identify the required certificates and import them onto other servers located behind firewalls.

Root certificates required:

AddTrust External CA Root - expiry 5/30/2020

GlobalSign Root CA - expiry 1/28/2028

UTN-USERFirst-Object - expiry 7/9/2019

Intermediate certificates required:

AddTrust External CA Root - expiry 8/15/2023

GlobalSign TimeStamping CA - G2 - expiry 1/28/2028

Unclear as to why the required certificates are not bundled with the SPP.