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SSHD Login Problems on Win2003

Jess Goodwin
Occasional Visitor

SSHD Login Problems on Win2003

I have installed the OpenSSH tool that comes with our new DL380 on Win2003. I can remotely log in via SSH as long as I use a domain account (the server is joined to a domain)...but if I do this...SFTP barfs because it it doesn't like UNC-Based home dirs on Windows. So...I thought I'd try to use a local account. But It will not let me authenticate/connect with the local Admin account or any other account I create.

Could someone help me either:

1. Change the home directory for my account (when I use SSH on this box) to somewhere on the local file system.


2. Get it to let me log in using a local user account on the box (I could then adjust the home directory for that user as necessary).