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SUM, SPP and Version Control

Ian Kirvell
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SUM, SPP and Version Control

Hi all!


I'm looking to clarify exactly what I need to be using to help keep our Proliant estate up to date from an HP software/firmware perspective.


This time last year I was using Proliant Support Packs (PSPs) that were either manually uploaded from a disk, or more likely automatically downloaded by the Version Control Repoisitory Manager on my SIM 6.3 server.


As VCRM seems completely flaky and generally stops working once it has created an index file too big for it parse, what should I now be doing?


From what I understand, I now download a "Service Pack for Proliant" from HP manually, and use it to scan servers to see what needs updating? Is this supposed to replace the Version Control Manager? Is SUM not available as a seperate download for managing our server estate?


Thanks for any clarification



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Re: SUM, SPP and Version Control

The firmware update of HP has always been a mess and now it's even getting messier. I just installed some new blades to our chassis. That took 10 minutes in total. Now I have been trying to find out for 5 HOURS how to find the latest firmware 3.55 for onboard administrator. I downloaded SUM, I searched the web, tried to understand HP website (which by the way is most horrible website ever created). I know that there are people trying to make things better but this is not the way. I'm seriously thinking of moving to Dell blades because they have implemented the firmware update tool straight to the blade management. And no, SUM doesn't work, it connects to OA but doesn't do anything. And I cannot (I'm too lazy to read all the readme files that are kilometers long, sorry) find the correct .bin file to upload it directly to OA by browser. I just cannot understand how this can be so difficult. HP, wake up!

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Re: SUM, SPP and Version Control

I know it gets messy sometimes, here is the link to 3.55 bin file,


All I did was to search for onboard administrator , hope this link helped

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Goutham Sabala