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Same UUID on many HP Proliant Server

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Same UUID on many HP Proliant Server


I have installed HP SIM on my network to manage all my servers Proliant. But, i have a serious problem with discovery.

When i discover servers, i have an entry containing multiple IP adresses with only one server name. It seems that this issue is due to the generated UUID being the same for all these servers. If i launch another discovery task on these servers, the entry is replaced by another one. I believed this UUID was generated from two numbers, serial number and product ID, given by BIOS informations. Otherwise, for these servers, numbers are differents, but the command "wmic csproduct get UUID" always return the same value : 33221100-5544-7766-8899-AABBCCDDEEFF.

I have approximatively 800 proliant servers impacted by this problem.

I have test to upgrade BIOS version to regenerate UUID but the problem stay the same. 

How can i change/regenerate UUID for all these servers ?
How can i avoid UUID informations in discovery task in HP Insight Management to let me discover all Proliant servers ?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Same UUID on many HP Proliant Server

More informations :

- Server Proliant ML 110 G6
- Windows server 2008 Standart SP2
- BIOS version HP - 6040000
- HP SIM Version 7.5