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San Array

David Bonamo_2
Occasional Contributor

San Array

Ok, this may not be the norm, but I have Proliant 8000, and of course it has 21 drive bays, I am currently using 7. Is it possible to utilize the remaining 14 drives bay's as an SAN array instead of having something like external shelf like a 4100 array ect. Could I use a 5302 controller with the SAN module, would this allow other servers connected to the SAN see these drives on the 8000?

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: San Array

this is from product info :
Compaq Smart Array 5302/FC Controller (Compaq Option Part Number 216688-B21)

The Smart Array 5302/FC (Fibre Channel) controller includes the Compaq SAN Access Module 216941-001, which is a bridge from direct attached storage (DAS) SCSI devices to a Fibre Channel SAN. This connectivity provides an environment for consolidation of backup operations with Compaq Enterprise Backup Solutions and also provides access to primary storage on the SAN.

so it's only for backup and for another SAN - external

Probably what you can do is only local SCSI storage with user access

However firstly what you need to do is test if you unplug Jumper cables from SCSI backplane on the two empty cages
and if no errors than you might be able use 5302 with two cages