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Re: Sata 6gb/s JBOD Sloution

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Sata 6gb/s JBOD Sloution

i want to know what happen if i use H240 on G6 , G7 , G8 Servers.

i need Jobd for 4 sata 6gb SSD

 i never want to use RAID , Jus Pass trough Disk to os ..

OS : ESXI 6.5

kindly if any body tried H240 on g6,g7,g8 hardware Tell me , or if possible , Try h240 on g6,g7,g8 hardware 

i know G7 servers have PCIE 2 , and on 8x interface maximum support 4 GB/s thats enough for me .


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Jimmy Vance
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Re: Sata 6gb/s JBOD Sloution

H240 - Supported Gen9
H220 - Supported Gen8
THese cards have not been tested in any generation server othern than what is listed as supported.

There are no listed HBA cards for G6 or G7 servers



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