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Script VLAN on FlexLOM / CNA


Script VLAN on FlexLOM / CNA

Hi all

Not sure if this is posted in the right forum, but here goes...

I need to enable VLAN and set a VLAN Id on a FlexLOM and CNA PCIe adapter with a script. I'm trying to PXE boot some servers (both BL and DL, Gen9 & Gen10) and the only way I have managed to make it work in my environment is by setting the VLAN Id on the Configuration of the FlexLOM/CNA adapter in BIOS.
The general VLAN config in BIOS does not work.

I do not have HP switches or Virtual Connect, we are all Cisco on networking and I don't want to mess with that. My servers are connected to a Trunk port and needs to get a DHCP address from a server on one of the VLANs.

We have OneView in place and are using server profiles for our servers but there is no where I can set this through a profile. I've also checked the HPE BIOS and iLO powershell cmdlets, but haven't found any help in those either.

Is there someone that have managed to configure a FlexLOM/CNA programatically?