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Scripted warranty lookup

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Scripted warranty lookup



in earlier days it was possible to get warranty end dates via script by parsing results from the following website


It was quite easy as you only had to include the serial of the device in the URL and got the results back.

Today the site does not show all information, especially no service agreements are included.


The new warranty check website I cannot parse anymore as the parameters (serial number) are not included in the URL:


It is a pain not to be able to get this information with a script :(


Does anybody have a solution for this?



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Re: Scripted warranty lookup

Another and likely better solution would be to use HP SIM together with Insight RSA.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Scripted warranty lookup

Could someone with SIM + RSA try to capture packets on the SIM server while doing a warranty lookup? It would be very nice if it turns out that there's an API for it. I don't have RSA available.


Re: Scripted warranty lookup


Is anything change in this case ?
Is exist API to check warranty ? 

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Re: Scripted warranty lookup

Any updates on this? I build reports for my company. Other vendors allow for a simple URL where I can enter the Serial Numer or ServiceTag info into it and so when a user clicks the hyperlink in my reports, it directly takes them to the vendors website with all the information they want about the computer.

Other Vendor Example:<ServiceTag>?


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Re: Scripted warranty lookup

Has HPE made any headway in creatign an offical API to collect warranty details?