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Seagate Constellation ES 1TB ST1000NM0011 incompatibility with HP?

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Seagate Constellation ES 1TB ST1000NM0011 incompatibility with HP?

Hi everyone,


I had the strangest problem with these drives trying to set them up as a RAID 1 on the HostRAID on a ML110 G5 in that the BIOS would detect them and then Windows wouldn't. So, having replaced them with Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 in the ML110 G5, I had a couple of spare Constellations that I thought I'd put into a ML310G4 with a Smart Array E200 controller. Surely that ought to work, I though.


Well, what happens is that the drives fail even to be detected by the E200 when plugged in. I popped them into the hot swap drive trays and they just sit there in the server, and an orange light eventually comes up on the drive status LEDs. So, even the E200 doesn't work with these drives.


Is anyone actually using these drives in their servers? Model number is ST1000NM0011.




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Re: Seagate Constellation ES 1TB ST1000NM0011 incompatibility with HP?

I have exact the same problem on DL120 G5 with embedded SATA RAID controller - in BIOS status is Optimal, but Windows doesn't see them.

My server had two Seagate ST31000340NS drives, one crushed, I have received replacement - Seagate ST1000NM0011 and couldn't build RAID 1. Got another Seagate ST1000NM0011 to install fresh Windows, but with no luck, because Windows refused to see new drives when they are in RAID 1.

I tried all possible drivers and both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Server 2008. It seams I should get different hard drives.

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Re: Seagate Constellation ES 1TB ST1000NM0011 incompatibility with HP?


According to the quickspecs and other references, the only 1TB hard drive that is supported for the HP ProLiant ML110 Generation 5 is the one listed below. There may be other drives that will in fact work however this is the only one that has been certified by HP with the hardware to be used in the server. Please note when performing hardware upgrades and or changes it is recommended you consult HP or the products quicspecs for part numbers that are supported by your product.

HP 1TB 3G SATA 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5-inch) Non-hot Plug Midline 507772-B21



In regards to the HP ProLiant DL120 G5 Server with the same issue, the same information above applies.

Reference the products quickspecs at: