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Send several SSH 'set' command to ILO without rebooting

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Send several SSH 'set' command to ILO without rebooting


We are currently planning migration of several console VLANs in our Datacenter. As a result ILO network settings will change.

We would like to automate as much as possible, we would like to update ILO IP address, subnet mask and gateway using SSH commands (we would like to avoid going through server OS).

The solution would then be to execute those 2 commands:

set /map1/enetport1/lanendpt1/ipendpt1 IPv4Address=%newIP% SubnetMask=%newMask%

set /map1/gateway1 AccesInfo=%newGtw%

 The problem is that ILO will reset automatically after executing each command, applying directly the new settings. This will cause it to be unreachable after executing the first command.

Is there any way to execute those 2 commands in one row, or to avoid automatic ILO reboot after first 'set' command?

 Thank you!


Re: Send several SSH 'set' command to ILO without rebooting


Here's a thread on stackoverflow on the same topic:


that draws a blank with the "ssh" method. Have you considered the RIBCL/HTTPS method instead (it's mentioned at the very end of that web page)? This is what I do for changes like these.

Jimmy Vance

Re: Send several SSH 'set' command to ILO without rebooting

Use RIBCL commands to send the changes to the iLO's 

Take a look at the file calle Mod_Network_Settings.xml, the download includes the perl script. 

 HP Lights-Out XML PERL Scripting Sample for Linux

HP Lights-Out XML Scripting Sample for Windows






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