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Sendmail configuration for user

Robert Isaac_1
Occasional Contributor

Sendmail configuration for user

We have a ProLiant DL360 G4 with RHES Linux 4 and I am confused with part of the sendmail setup for users. We have only one web site on the server with our registered domain name.

I have a number of users who want to use our domain email address for business purposes instead of their own ISP domain address.

Let's take one example. Our domain is '' and user 'john' wants to use ' instead of his ISP address of ''

I have created the user 'john' and his mailbox and also alias for mail for 'john.smith' to go to his mailbox 'john', and also added 'john' to /etc/mail/trusted-users.

I assume I enter '' in /etc/mail/relay-domains also.

Are there any other entries needed, as this does not work for all the users I have set up.

Frederic Jacquet
Occasional Contributor

Re: Sendmail configuration for user

Hi Bob,

Seems you are a bit confused. The simpler :
- create linux user jsmith
- in /etc/aliases, define john.smith: jsmith
- type newaliases -on
- ensure your domain is MX for
- remove john from trusted-users except if he read mail using mutt or another non remote client
-optionnaly set fetchmail to fetch his mail from his ISP
- ensure your LAN IP are in relay-domains
-type service sendmail restart

Should works !