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Senitive data management on AHSV server

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Senitive data management on AHSV server


Component details and sw levels are considered as sensitive data in France for some operators or companies. This applies to the hw and sw levels of HP servers.

This information is present in the Active Health Systems (AHS) logs.

As a result, I need additional insurance:

-> How is the information is archived and protected at AHSV level ?

-> Can we set a retention delay on the downloaded files ?

-> Does it apply also when support case is submitted from AHS logs ? 

Thank you for your support.


Re: Senitive data management on AHSV server

Active Health System:
The data collected by the Active health system is stored in the Active health system log. The data is logged securely, isolated from the operating system, and separate from customer data. Host resources are not consumed in the collection and logging of Active Health System data.

When the Active health system log is full, new data overwrites the oldest data in the log.

It takes less than 5 minutes to download the Active health system log and send it to a support professional to help user resolve an issue.

When user download and send Active health system data to Hewlett Packard Enterprise or upload the log to the AHSV, user agree to have the data used for analysis, technical resolution, and quality improvements. The data that is collected is managed according to the privacy statement. Click here to access the privacy statement .

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