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Sequential Memory Access equivalent on HP Server?

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Sequential Memory Access equivalent on HP Server?

Is there an equivalent setting in the BIOS of a HP ProLiant DL380 similar to the 'Sequential Memory Access' found on Dell servers.

The reason for asking is that we are running a Citrix farm on HP servers with Windows 2003. One of the applications running is an old FoxPro for DOS system. Or more to the point, it isn't running. It works fine for a few minutes and then stops. It doesn't hang, it just sits there. Someone running on Dell servers found that disabling the Hyperthreading and 'Sequential Memory Access' solved the problem.

As I do not have access to the servers (not my job), I can't check it myself, and I can't find anything on the internet.
Doug de Werd

Re: Sequential Memory Access equivalent on HP Server?

you can disable Hyperthreading in the ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU), accessed by pressing F9 when prompted during boot. Look under the "Advanced Options" section.

I'm not sure about "Sequential Memory Access" ...

ProLiants do have a setting that may be similar called "CPU Performance Setting" which has settings of "Optimized for Memory" (default) and "Optimized for I/O". based on the descriptions I saw on Dell's web site for SAM, these could possible perform the same function.

I believe that this is a function of Intel Xeon processors rather than an HP or Dell specific thing.

It's worth a try - it won't hurt anything by changing these values in RBSU


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