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Serial Number for Proliant 5500 Server...

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Fernando Orjuela_1
Occasional Contributor

Serial Number for Proliant 5500 Server...

Okay, dumb question, but sorry. How do I get a serial/part number for a Compaq Proliant 5500? I need to get hard drives for this old workhorse, but HP parts keeps asking me for a serial/part number for the server. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated (same question with regards to a Proliant 7000 and Proliant 8000). Thank you in advance.
John Marinov
Frequent Advisor

Re: Serial Number for Proliant 5500 Server...

The disks are all pretty much the same, it's just the carrier that's different. There are two types of carrier and the option of hot plug ("pluggable") or not.

If the drives look like the one this page
Then you need to tell them "wide ultra pluggable". Otherwise you want a "universal carrier".

You can get stuff from third party suppliers, especially for older equipment. For example:

The serial number is on a little sticker on the case at the rear of the box, vertical on the left side (I think). It will have a barcode too.

Alternatively, you can get at it through the System page on the Insight Agents Homepage (assuming you've loaded the management agents).

It will be of the form xWWYBBBBssss
x=plant id
ww=week of year of manufacture
y=last digit of year of manufacture
BBBB=config code (tells you what's in it)
ssss=serial number
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Re: Serial Number for Proliant 5500 Server...

If you have survey running then the serial number may be found in survey.txt. This is usually C:\COMPAQ\SURVEY.TXT
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Serial Number for Proliant 5500 Server...


You can also get the serial number off the LCD display on the front of the server.