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Serial Number not correct in Management Agents.

Daniel Thrun
Valued Contributor

Serial Number not correct in Management Agents.

Greetings. When looking into the HP Management Agents on GHOST imaged servers, the information regarding Machine ID and Serial Number are not correct. I have re-installed the HP agents with reboots between removal and reinstallations, as well as just re-installing the agents same effect. Wrong information being shown.

Systems are DL380 G3
Windows 2000 Server w/SP4

Machine ID (system board) shows CPQ027

Serial # EAV6LJ127 (these numbers do change between the servers above having this issue.

Any ideas?
otto warlich
Regular Advisor

Re: Serial Number not correct in Management Agents.


When the serial number of the machine (front) is different than the one of the systemboard (by mgmnt), normarly the system board has been changed.
When the systemboard is changed the serial number that's in the bios is different.

CPQ027 can not be the serial number of the machine. This number is bigger.

With regards,

Daniel Thrun
Valued Contributor

Re: Serial Number not correct in Management Agents.

Greetings. Thanks for the response. Yes I found that when the system board serial number does not match the serial number plate/sticker it means that someone has replaced the system board....

The issue is that these are all brand new servers.... After banging my head for a few days, I got pissed and called HP and found that they have started going to a new Serial Number system for servers.... Internal Document I guess. Anyway the new Serial Numbers do not have the Alphabet Letter first the 3 numerical digits and so on.

The new serial numbers are now 9 digits long. To determine the manufacture date or warranty period you must know what the serail number codes mean....

HP is supposed to send me the information on how that is to happen....