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Server 2012 hangs after cmd reboot

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Server 2012 hangs after cmd reboot

Hi all,

I sometimes need to reboot a Windows 2012 R2 based on on DL380 Gen9, because one of my vm lose its network connection on Hyper-V, but it's not my main problem for the moment.
My main problem is that when I reboot it remotely via cmd and shutdown -r, it comes normally to logon screen, mouse is working on iLO, but I can't RDP on it or use CTRL+ALT+DEL on iLO. I'm obliged to reset it on iLO, which is a terrible idea but the only one working on my case. After that reboot it comes back normally every time.

I recently updated firmwares and BIOS via SPP.

Any ideas is welcome !

Thanks in advance


Re: Server 2012 hangs after cmd reboot

Hi ThatGuy1,

Please update the iLO4 firmware for latest once and check if any latest JAVA update available for the web browser from where the iLO is accessed.

If it helps you please notify us.

Anitha S

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Re: Server 2012 hangs after cmd reboot


Thank you for your answer and sorry for my late answer.

The problem seems to come from elsewhere because if I am physically in front of the server (keyboard, mouse), I can not make a CTR+ALT+DEL, it's freezed.