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Server Agent Errors

Shawn Puckett
Occasional Advisor

Server Agent Errors

Has anyone seen this error before? Every time it happens the system will
not let anyone login as it says there are no resources available to log in
so I have to power reset the unit. We are getting around 75,000 errors per 20 mins.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Storage Agents
Event Category: Alerter
Event ID: 773
Date: 4/25/2005
Time: 1:29:52 PM
User: N/A
Computer: SRV01
The Remote Alerter Agent received an error on WaitForMultipleObjects call.
The data contains the error code.
0000: aa 05 00 00 ª...

Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition (no SP)
HP DL380 G3
Smart Array 5i Plus (Firmware Rev B, v2.58) connected to a
DELL PowerVault 220S 14-Disk Array.

I have one other server with this config but no errors the only difference is the working server has a 5i drive of and the server that errors had a newer driver

Once the server is rebooted it works for about 5 to 7 days then it starts the errors again. It has happened 6 times so far. The only traffic going to the array is a each night at 1AM a MS SQL backup of a 40MB database and it's transaction log file.

Thanks in advance!
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Agent Errors

Hi Shawn,

From the look of the error report trapped, it looks like the source of the problem is the storage controller
I don't know any issue with the driver ver for this raid controller; however, I would like to suggest that there is a new driver ver for that controller which was released on Apr 25, 2005 and I want you to that

Therefore, I would say
1. Update the driver on the SA5i controller to the latest ver
2. Update the drivee for the SA5i controller to the latest Ver 2.62A

That way you eliminate the suspition that the contorller firmware and driver is cauing the issue.

If this doesn't work you can try the driver ver that the other working server have and see if that helps or still errored out the same way

The link for the downloads is

Amha Kassa
Respected Contributor

Re: Server Agent Errors

Try, installing the latest management agents.

You can install the lastest Proliant Support Pack (7.30 for win2K3) or (7.20 for win2K), i can provide you the download link but I'm not sure witch os your running on.

greetings tmy

Chaos, Panic or Disaster??? Always Stay Calm, I will fix it.
Shawn Puckett
Occasional Advisor

Re: Server Agent Errors

I have installed the latest drives (system wide) but it errored again, so now I'm moving on the the firmware. Will respond after I give the system time to work a bit, about 2 weeks.