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Server Clusters: Rolling Upgrades. Upgrading to Windows Server

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Server Clusters: Rolling Upgrades. Upgrading to Windows Server

I am upgrading a Windows 2000 Advanced Server Cluster and I am having
an issue.

I went here:

and followed the instructions and everything seemed to be working fine
until it went to reboot during the upgrade.

Step 1. I proceeded to make sure that the server was fully patched and
up to date.

Step 2. I Paused Cluster on specific node that I was beginning the
upgrade on (this server did not have any immediate resources attached)

Step 3. I proceeded to start the upgrade process.

a. During this process is where the issues occurred.

b. Upgrade started normal and everything seemed to be going well,
it got to a certain point where it said it needed to restart server in
order to finish upgrade, it then went into a continuous reboot with no
error messages and no blue screens.

My next step was to boot from CD, when it booted from installation CD
it said that the previous install had not completed and if you would
like to continue the upgrade hit enter to continue. The process seemed
to begin again it proceeded to remove previous installation files and
then re-copy new ones and begin the process all over again. When it was
done copying new installation files it said it needed to restart system
and once again it went into that vicious reboot cycle.

Recovery Console is not even 1 of the options. I know when you put in
a setup disk that you usually can select either recovery console or
repair or new install, but it's not seeming like it will give those

If I boot from cd it basically gives the same 3 options and the 2nd
option was "To cancel current upgrade then select F10 to start a new

it's like right in the middle of the upgrade process and something is
preventing it from going any further.

We did not orginally update the Firmware so, we went to HP support and downloaded the most recent Firmware availible.

We just finished updatng our HP Proliant DL380 to the most recent Firmware
and proceeded to allow it to continue the boot process, we did a cold boot
and it went right back into the rebooting cycle.

I then had it boot from CD again and told it to continue the upgrade process
and watched it delete old upgrade files then copy new ones over and it still
went into the rebooting cycle.

Any thoughts?