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Server Crash BSOD

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Dan DeCoursey
Regular Advisor

Server Crash BSOD

Proliant ML350g8   /server 2010    and Arcserve 16.5

Trying once again to get through a Disaster Recovery Simulation on a G8   

the composed BOOT CD  ends up generating a BSOD crash  it lists HPAMD.SYS as the offender 

Anyone have the lowdown on this file ?? I called Server support and the they said this is not an HP file but a Microsoft file...

Other out on the net state its an HP file  

everyone agrees it a driver for SATA controller...But I             know my p420/420i  uses HPCISSs.sys


any thoughts  are appreciated

Hers a pinch to grow an inch

Re: Server Crash BSOD



If you are referring to HPSAMD.SYS, yes its a HP file.

This is a basic driver file for few Smart Array Controllers.


Now coming to the BSOD, what is the BSOD message, i.e 0x error code?

What is the operating system on this machine ?


I guess there is no Server 2010 OS that is compatible with this server.


A similar issue is discussed here:



Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

Dan DeCoursey
Regular Advisor

Re: Server Crash BSOD

as it turned out the DR process for Arcserve 16 is was not compatible with anyof the HP server 2012 drivers  I was using ...I had  to use Server 2008 64 bit drivers to gett his process to work

Hers a pinch to grow an inch