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Server HP ML350 G5 boot problem

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Server HP ML350 G5 boot problem

Hi all,


After a power cut my server does not want to boot,


Problem description: When I switch on the server, the Smart Array controller can not be initialize. (Look pictures srv1, 2).

I get this error message.

1703-Slot 0 Drive Array Controller Failure (Controller self-test failure).


When I tried yesterday to create ADU report using smart start CD,the array configuration utility (ACU) did not detect my Smart Array E200i Controller. (Check images serv3, 4).


Picture serv5 = Smart Array Controller battery.


 I got hints of HP support in Sweden to begin with update all the driver / firmware to the latest versions by SPP (Service Pack for Proliant).


*Know anyone what could be the problem on my server? And how can I resolve it?

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Re: Server HP ML350 G5 boot problem

Probably your BBWC (the piggy board on your motherbrd SPN 413486-001)(last picture)   is died, but it can also be a motherboard problem.  Good Luck.


You can exchange it without loss of data (configuration data is on motherboard but also on disks).





Re: Server HP ML350 G5 boot problem

Hi there,


you could try few steps here:


  • Power the server off.
  • Remove the cache module (if possible).
  • Power the server on.
  • Watch the screen and determine whether the POST error messages still appear. Clear the NVRAM using system maintenance switch and observe if POST error messages still appear.
  • in some cases, issue is resolved by replacing the battery-backed write cache (BBWC) module and battery pack assembly.




hope this helps,




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