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Server Hangs Event ID 773 3006 57


Server Hangs Event ID 773 3006 57

One of our Proliant 380 G4 Servers Occasioanlly hangs and the only thing we can do is power the box off and on again. In the event log there are a lot of events as below

Type: Error
Source: Storage Agents
Event ID: 773
Event Time: 11/12/2006 14:46:35
User: n/a
The Remote Alerter Agent received an error on WaitForMultipleObjects call.
The data contains the error code.

Type: Warning
Source: EvntAgnt
Event ID: 3006
Event Time: 11/12/2006 14:35:40
User: n/a
Error reading log event record.
Handle specified is 595496. Return code from ReadEventLog is 1726.

The latest PSP pack is installed 7.60 plus the firware is the latest as per the support pack. I have noticed that the WMI service sometimes fails to start and occasionaly I get Event ID 57.

Any Ideas
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Re: Server Hangs Event ID 773 3006 57


try to decode the EventIDs and search for possible solutions at and MSDN


Re: Server Hangs Event ID 773 3006 57


Thanks for the suggestions I have installed Patches and will see what happens.

I am getting event id 11 The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Scsi\ql23001.

I have checked the version of the driver which is up todate according to VCA

Thanks Mike