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Server Heat Load

E. Bryan
Occasional Visitor

Server Heat Load

I am installing approx 15 servers of the following type...

HP DL360R05 X5450 4G RPS US Svr (Has all redundant features, including fans and Power Supplies)

What should I use as the heat load per server for calculating room conditioning. I was provided with a value of 3500 BTU/hr @ 115 VAC. It seems extreme, help.



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Mark Wibaux
Trusted Contributor

Re: Server Heat Load

You can try the old power calculator
NOTE: this links to an excel spreadsheet that then has links to other spreadsheets for each server.

OR you can try the new HP Power Advisor Tool that you can download here

In both tools just configure your server spec and it will you a BTU/hr load.
Eg for a DL360G5, 2 x X5450, 2 x 2GB memory kits, 2 x 72GB SAS drives, P400 array controller & RPS you are looking at ~1500 BTU/hr. Each HDD you add will add roughly 30 BTU/hr.