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Server ML 370 G4 not run.

Frequent Advisor

Server ML 370 G4 not run.

I have server ML 370 and install windown 2003 server, but sometime server not running and when i to install Ram again Server running. I running in to windows in Event viewer/system have report warning.
"- System information Agent: Health port Errors were detected one or more power-on-self-test errors were detected during server startup ( SNMP TRAP, 6027 in CPQHLTH.MIB)
- Nic Agent, connectivity has been lost for the NIC in slot 0 port (SNMP TRAP: 18006 in CPQNIC.MIB)
- The reason supplied by user Dong_Da\hn-d for the last unexpected shutdown of this computer is other (unplanned )
- The system encountered a non-maskable interrup (NMI) prior, to this boot. The NMI source was: uncorrectable me more error, memory module unknown
- The previos System shutdown at 6:08:48 pm on 10/10/2007 was unexpected "

Have error sometime happened at server ML 370 not boot and shutdown.

Thanks many.