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Server ML150 G6 just hang occasionally

Lovro VRES

Server ML150 G6 just hang occasionally


I have a customer wtih ML 150 G6, P410 SA Controller, 4 Gb RAM, 1 Quad Core processor and 2 500 Gb SATA disks in RAID 1 configuration. Operating system is Windows Server 2008 x86 Standard Edition. there is cca 15 users.

The main problem is that server just hang from time to time. When the server is hanged it doesn't respond to network request and also console is dead. (black screen). The only thing I can do is power off and power on again.

There is no errors in Event log. SMH shows no errors.

The server was installed in June last year. It works fine for a month, after that the problem occured the first time. After that the problem occure several tiems in short period. We assume the problem could be a temperature, so we installed cooling system. Now the temperature is OK. After that there was no problem till beginning of the January.

After that we upgrade all HP drivers, agents and firmware for this server, because there is a customer advisory for Raid controller. After that there was no problem till last thursday. Today we have "hang" two times.

I don't know what could be a problem. Is there any idea how to findout what cause problem?


Re: Server ML150 G6 just hang occasionally

Stop all virus/firewall programs services. After the system testing.

HP ProLiant ML150 G6 Easy Set-up CD
with Offline Diagnostics test of the system do it.
Kind Regards,
I am HPE Employee

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Re: Server ML150 G6 just hang occasionally

Hi Lovro,
Please let us know the result of offline diagnostics.