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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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Server Ml350 G5

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Stanley M
Occasional Visitor

Server Ml350 G5

in this server i saw 2 network card, so only one i can use for my network, i need to know how can active the second one , or it for what use the second network card.
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Ml350 G5

Hi, the other NIC is used for iLO access and cannot be used for normal ethernet traffic from the OS. It is used for remote management of the server. You can access it by connecting via a normal web browser. IP-address/hostname to the interface should be listed on a sticker inside the server.

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Stanley M
Occasional Visitor

Re: Server Ml350 G5


Can u give me more instructios , like, wich cable can i conect tghis port if is cross over or normal, and it conect directly to the switch or not, and the ip adress i will put is the same of my network or is diferent...etc..and in the web bowser how can acess it?
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Ml350 G5

Normal network cable for connecting iLO to a switch. Crossover cable for connecting iLO directly to another host. Just like a regular network interface.

The IP address will be (must be!) different to avoid IP address conflicts.
There are a few ways to configure the iLO IP address.

1.) When the system is booting, it will display a message like "Press F8 now to configure iLO". Press F8 *at that point* to access the iLO setup screens. You can setup a fixed IP address or you can configure iLO to use DHCP. The iLO can even register itself to DNS automatically, if your network has dynamic DNS enabled. In that case, setting the iLO hostname to a correct value is important.

2.) The server comes with a tag attached to its front panel. The tag lists the MAC address of the iLO interface, an algorithmically-generated iLO default hostname, and iLO default username and password. If you just connect iLO to a network segment that uses DHCP and dynamic DNS without any configuration, iLO will automatically get an IP address and register itself a hostname listed in the tag. You can then use the hostname, username and password to log in to the iLO using a web browser.

(If you have DHCP but no dynamic DNS, you can ask your DHCP admin to find out which IP address the iLO got, based on the MAC address listed in the tag.)

To connect to iLO using a web browser, just type in address like


or if the iLO is configured to an IP address but does not have a hostname yet:

iLO will automatically switch the browser to a HTTPS connection and will show you a login page.

There are a few other ways to configure iLO too. Please read the manuals that came with the server on the CD-ROM.

If you've lost the CD-ROM or it's in the wrong language, go to http://www.hp.com/go/support and type "Proliant ML350 G5" to the search field. Select "See support and troubleshooting information" and run the search by clicking on the ">>" button. It usually requires you to confirm your exact HW model from a list of a few choices, then you'll get to the Business Support Center page for your hardware. (A tip: Bookmark this page!)
Then select "Manuals" and choose the language you prefer.