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Server Name within ILO settings

John Venables_2
Occasional Contributor

Server Name within ILO settings

This is probably going to sound like a really stupid question.

when you first access an integrated lights out card it supplies the name of the RIBCard and also the servername...i.e. establishing connection with "server name". how does the card get this name & how do I manually change it.

I have replaced a system board from another server into this one & it is showing the server name as the other box, but I want to change it to the name of the new server the board has now been placed in.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Name within ILO settings

It can't be changed manually. It is passed to iLO by the iLO driver in the host OS.
Honored Contributor

Re: Server Name within ILO settings


I assume that the ILO gets the server name from the Asset information within the BIOS.

Go into the Rom Based Setup Utility (RBSU) by pressing F9 when the system posts.

From the menu choose "Server Asset and IMD Text" (The wording may be slightly different between server models).

You should see in there that the motherboard has retained the settings from the server it was originally installed in. Change these values to what you want and see it this is then reflected in the ILO information.

I hope this helps.


Vince Blankenborg
Occasional Advisor

Re: Server Name within ILO settings

at server reboot F8 to open the ILO config

set to factory defaults option

resets all fields including the IP config info, so jot down if you don't have it handy.

also complete at the server as this will disable the ILO until you reinput the IP info.

this clears server name