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Server Performance - DL360 G3 2.8 533/512

Anish Padath
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Server Performance - DL360 G3 2.8 533/512

I'm in the process of creating a 5 yr project plan for our department. We have 3 DL 360 G3 servers(2 for production and 1 for test development) purchased on Aug 2004. The base warranty for the servers will expire on Sept 2007. Rightnow we have 40 users but more people will be added in the commming years. We are running a web based health management software in Linux-Apache-Tomcat envioronment. I would like to know whether we need any server upgrade or replacement in the next 5 years (once the base warranty expires). The anticipated number of users in the next 5 years will be around 80-100. Please let me know.
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Re: Server Performance - DL360 G3 2.8 533/512


I think you should start planning to upgrade the servers in the early part of 2006 once everything is in place you could place the orders by the end of the year and start building the server and migrate to the new servers in the middle of 2007. The old servers can stay as a test/backup till sep 2007 and you could decide to get rid of in early 2008.
This upgrade would be required in the genereal sense considering what you have mentioned about the growth of the number of users but you are the best person to study your environment and see if this is really required, we are not sure what enhancemnets would be there by 2007 both in hardware and software.

Regards & good luck